NICoLe: Network Information and Commutication Lab for schools, colleges, etc.


Our company is proud to have a background of many years of successful experience in the implementation of large stationary educational complexes. Modern economic realities motivated us to diversify them, to create budgetary, but universal solutions, adapted for both higher and secondary schools.

Such diversification is very relevant, especially in the light of the EU / EC initiatives increase the coverage of advanced information technologies in schools & colleges, within the framework of the course for building a "digital economy".

Separately it is worth noting that similar initiatives have been recently proposed by regulators of the educational sphere of a number of Eastern European countries.

The concept of a new approach

Analyzing these trends, we launched a new direction of development, a new concept called "NICoLe: Network Information and Commutication Lab".

Many schools today are provided with access to the Internet. However, the possibility of an easy connection to the Web often has the opposite, negative side: without knowing the basics of network and computer literacy, it's easy to become a victim of all sorts of scams: the number of cyber crimes is constantly growing.

Therefore, in today's dynamically developing information space, it is extremely important to pay attention to getting practical skills of working in the network and developing an information security culture in this work.

We believe that the basic IT education should touch all layers of society, but first of all — students who could not only learn the basics of working on the Internet, but also know:
how and with what equipment to build a "home network";

  • organize Internet access;
  • principles of operation of terminal equipment;
  • a human-to-computer interface that uses a command line or web interface;
  • The protocols of interaction used in the network;
  • threats in the network and possible ways to protect against them.

NICoLe realizes the concept of "Internet on the table". The simulator can be used to study network technologies: Linux OS (working with the command line), technologies and protocols of the IP network, addressing and services, information and computer security systems. The structural diagram of the NICoLe is shown in the illustration.

Students are able to work with computer programs that allow them to read and change network parameters, diagnose and identify network errors, intrusion detection systems and protection of infocommunication networks from attacks. An example of solved tasks: to place on the table key network elements simulating the operation of a public network and to provide access to them for studying the basics of networking, as well as rules for reasonable safe behavior on the Internet.

Advantages of NICoLe

  • Study the basics of networking and rules for reasonable safe behavior on the Internet without a real connection to the network (there is a possibility that the necessary speed of the school Internet is not available for simultaneous access of students during classes);
  • Reduction of costs for expensive commercial equipment and software due to the use of the workplace module, while maintaining the effectiveness of training;
  • The equipment of the stand with methodical manuals for performing works, including thoughtful tasks from simple to complex and step-by-step instructions for implementation;
  • The use of technology that allows to reset the system settings to the initial state for the next group of students, no matter what changes in the settings were made earlier;
  • Ease of use: the teacher does not require complex manipulation, compactness, mobility.
  • Featered hardware with great community's support.
  • A full range of the well known and widely used GNU / GPL software packages and tools is available to students.

Therefore, NICoLe is the all in one, ARM architecture based Linux solution, in a compact form factor!

Principles and results of implementation

The basic principle of building training sessions based on the NICoLe can be formulated as follows: "Let me do it in practice, and this way I'll understand."

Students perform laboratory work, starting with the assembly of the NICoLe and organizing the workplace, actions for setting up and configuring the equipment, and ending with the creation of interfaces for networking, building protection for corporate IP networks from hacking and data corruption.

We see the complex result of classes with the NICoLe in improving the quality of education, in narrowing the gap between theory and practice , in eliminating the difficulties of transition from learning to working with real equipment, in increasing computer and network literacy of students in independent and group work.

An important aspect is also the training of personnel for a specific region (training and follow-up work in the region), reducing the costs of professional retraining and professional development .

NICoLe is offered for use in the main educational process of general education schools, including schools in remote and hard-to-reach areas, also in the context of additional education.

NiCoLe ARM based PC


Yaroslavl Forum

In September 2017, we successfully presented the NICoLe decision at the Education Forum "Project" in Yaroslavl. The partner of the Scientific and Technical Center of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics was the Northeastern Federal University. M.K. Ammosov. For the team of schoolchildren-participants, we prepared a case "Learning the principles of network security in school" , and the general director of our company Vadim Gohman on the first day of the Forum delivered a lecture "Use the opportunities of the IV industrial revolution and change the world for the better!"

"Excellent work. Even for two seconds we got on the federal air of the Channell One Russia!" — Our experts joke. The plot of the news release from September 3, by the way, can be seen here (47 and 48 seconds).

Well, seriously, we are satisfied with the results of the Forum. Successful approbation was carried out, responses of authoritative experts were received. "Due to the scale of the forum, children have the opportunity to conduct experiments of any complexity in specialized laboratories, work with advanced technologies and real equipment," said the adviser to the Rector of the NEFU Aleksey Ermakov. - So, our university and the company SOTSBI provided for the participants a "live" mock-up of the computer network, essentially creating the Internet on the table. "


Engineering School "Elevator to the Future" in the Children's Center "Eaglet" on the Black Sea coast

Conducted sessions in October 2017.



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