NICoLe: Network Information and Commutication Lab

The concept of a new approach

NICoLeIn the light of the EU's initiatives increase the coverage of advanced information technologies in schools within the framework of the course for building a "digital economy".

Our company is proud to have a background of many years of successful experience in the implementation of large stationary educational complexes. Modern economic realities motivated us to diversify them, to create budgetary, but universal solutions,  adapted for both higher and secondary schools. After analyzing modern trends in education related technology, we developed and launched a new product called “NiCoLe: Network Information and Communication Laboratory”.
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Many schools today are provided with access to the Internet. However, the ability to easily connect to the Network often has the opposite, negative side: not knowing the basics of network and computer literacy, it is easy to fall prey to all sorts of scams: the number of cyber crimes is constantly growing.

Therefore, in today's dynamically developing information space, it is extremely important to pay attention to obtaining practical skills in networking and developing an information security culture in this work.

From ABC to IT for a better future

We believe that basic IT education should relate to all sectors of society, but first of all to schoolchildren, who could not only learn the basics of working on the Internet, but also know:

  • how and with the help of what equipment to build the "Home Network"
  • organize access to the Internet
  • principles of operation of terminal equipment
  • the human-computer interface using the command line or the web interface
  • communication protocols used in the network
  • online threats and possible ways to protect against them

NiCoLe is the cost-effective ARM architecture based “all-in-one” solution (with well-known Raspberry Pi microcomputer under the hood), which implements the concept of “Internet on the table”. It can be used to study network technologies: GNU/Linux OS (working with the command line CLI), IP network technologies and protocols, addressing and services, information and computer security systems.



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